West Africa/Niger Delta


Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta and the West African Gas Pipeline (2004-2005)

E-Tech International produced two documents that evaluated the potential for eliminating gas-flaring in the Niger Delta. The first, completed in September 2004 for Friends of the Earth, analyzed the relationship of gas-flaring to the West African Gas Pipeline project. The second, released in September 2004 for the Climate Justice Programme in UK, focused on the feasibility of reinjection of gas as an approach that could end gas flaring in the Delta by 2008. The method was not adopted, and gas flaring continues to this day. In 2005, E-Tech completed an analysis of whether associated gas producers were meeting flare-out target dates.

September 3, 2004: Assessment of West Africa Gas Pipeline and Nigeria LNG as Credible Paths to Reduce/Eliminate Niger Delta Flare Emissions 

January 15, 2005: Elimination of Niger Delta Flare Emissions – Are Associated Gas Producers Meeting Flare-Out Target Dates?