The History and Geography of Oil Spills in the Peruvian Amazon

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The interactive map shown above displays data previously published by OEFA through their web portal on spills occurring between January 2011 and December 2019. It also shows more recent supplemental data from OEFA on Lotes 192 and 67, requested by Mario Zuñiga (E-Tech Peru) in September 2021. The supplemental data was included in the analysis by Aymara León and Mario Zuñiga in the reports La sombra del petróleo (2020) and La sombra de los hidrocarburos en el Perú (2022).

In addition, the map shows more recent supplemental data from OEFA on Lotes 8 and 95, and on the Oleoducto Norperuano (ONP), requested by the NGO Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR) in September 2022.

The map shows oil spill monitoring data collected by PUINAMUDT in Lotes 8 and 192 from April 2017 through December 2022. Data from OSINERGMIN is shown for spills occurring from 1979 through 2010.

Since late 2021, the OEFA data on Amazon oil spills has not been accessible through the agency’s web portal. Therefore, the map on this page is now the only publicly-accessible source of this data.

The map displays the spills data in relation to important features of the landscape, such as indigenous territories/communities, surface water bodies, and high biodiversity protected areas. Click any point in the map to view a popup window of information on the map features at that point location.

Additional map layers can be displayed, or displayed layers can be hidden, by selecting “Map & Tools”, then “Layers & Legend” in the upper right corner of the map viewer, then checking or unchecking the box to the left of the layer name. The base map can be changed by clicking the circular “Switch background” button in the lower right corner.

The OEFA data layer for January 2011 through November 2019 includes 214 spills. The popup window for some of these spills are linked to “before and after” photos of the spill. The supplemental data layer displays 110 spills from December 2019 through September 2022.

There are 41 spills along the ONP before 2011 in the data layer from OSINERGMIN, and 180 from the PUINAMUDT dataset for Lotes 8 and 192, which overlap with the Lote 8 and 192 spills in the OEFA data since April 2017.

The inventory of spills shown on the map is incomplete, as the data provided by the government agencies for many of the spills lacked geographic coordinates. For a few of the spills, the coordinates were obviously incorrect, so those spills are also not shown on the map.

Spill volume was not provided in the data from OSINERGMIN and PUINAMUDT. Nor was it provided for most of the spills in the data from OEFA, which is why the icons for most of these spills are colored gray. Likewise, the spill cause was not identified for most spills.