Loreto 2018 E-tech Monitoring Report

E-Tech staff Diana Papoulias and Ricardo Segovia, working with Evelyn Blondeel have created a summary of  how E-Tech has worked both training and learning from indigenous monitors in the four watersheds of the Peruvian Amazon basin where communities are monitoring 45 years of oil pollution: the Maranon, Pastaza, Tigre and Corrientes rivers.   In addition to this methodology a summary of findings through earlier in 2018 is included.   We hope it is of use to all–including the communities where the permanent monitoring stations are located.  In English and Spanish.


Summary of Data Collection and Evaluation at Long-Term  Monitoring Sites in the four cuencas (2016 – mid 2018)

Resumen de la Recopilación y Evaluación de datos en Sitios de Monitoreo a Largo Plazo

 APÉNDICE – Imágenes de Google Earth sitios de monitoreo