Oct- Nov 2016: Workshops with Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Morona Santiago

On October 27, 2016, Ricardo Segovia and Lupita de Heredia traveled to Macas, Morona Santiago to provide technical expertise for the prefecture’s workshop on large-scale mining impacts.  Several days later, petroleum engineering students at the Escuela Politecnica Nacional in Iquitos enthusiastically welcomed the E-Tech’profs’ (Ricardo Segovia, Ann Maest, Diana Papoulias and Lupita de Heredia) during a 2-day introductory short-course on how to monitor petroleum extraction activities to protect human and environmental health.   E-Tech staff is currently visiting faculty at the EPN Geology and Petroleum Engineering Department.  Students were surprised to learn that oil spills in Ecuador are a nearly daily occurrence.   At the end of the course, a student stood and thanked us for coming, her only regret was that it was at the end of her academic career and not the beginning……’this is important information that we can use to make the petroleum industry better’, she said.”  Photo:  Diana Papoulias, November 1, 2016