E-Tech signs agreement to work towards public access laboratory

On October 23, 2016, E-Tech director Dick Kamp  signed an agreement in Iquitos, Loreto, Peru with Rector Heiter Valderrama Freyre of the Universidad de Amazonia Peruana (UNAP) that commits the two institutions to cooperate in attempting to develop a certified laboratory that can provide environmental analysis to indigenous communities in the region facing crude oil contamination as well as a curriculum to help strengthen the capacity of the communities to remediate oil pollution.  The agreement was the result of hard work of the E-Tech team working with consultant and UNAP associate professor Duma Rengife  Indigenous leader of the Federacion de Quecha del Pastaza (FEDIQUEP) Apu Aurelio Chino joined Dick and Peruvian government environmental fund (FONAM) directorJulia Justo (to the right of Dick) at the International Funders for Indigenous People (IFIP) in Lima October 25 to present the challenging scenario of cleaning up thousands of contaminated sites in the Pastaza, Maranon, Tigre and Corrientes river basins of Loreto while pipeline spills remain endemic.  E-Tech subsequently participated in the Swift Foundation grantees meeting in Lima that focused heavily on indigenous human rights and environmental protection.  E-Tech partner Meche Lu discusses legal issues surrounding extractive industry to the group.

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