Cananea, Sonora, Mexico

The E-Tech/Proyecto Fronteriza de Educacion Ambiental proposal to develop a combined long-term transparent independent environmental monitoring project downstream of the Cananea Sonora mine along with a council that can make agreements on environmental protection in the region is moving forward.    The areas of concern would be the entire Rio Sonora which was impacted by 60 million liters of acid and metals from the Cananea mine in 2014, a small section of the San Pedro River near the mine, and the Cananea mine itself.   In October, 2015, regional mayors from Cananea through Ures and the Governor’s Commissioner for Ecology committed their support to the project.  Grupo Mexico, owners of the mine, have expressed their support in principal of the idea.  An English translation of the proposal, updated to include input from Sonoran stakeholders, will be posted on this site during November.  

Final Propuesta de programa de monitoreo ambiental rio sonora etechpfea Octubre 5 2015.pdf