Listen to podcast of interview with E-tech Director Dick Kamp


Join Dick Kamp, Director of E-Tech International and Mary Charlotte Domandi of KSFR-FM Santa Fe  in a lively discussion of E-Tech’s groundbreaking work in bringing scientific environmental analysis and training to struggling indigenous communities in South America facing large-scale mining, oil-development and pollution.  

Those communities who have requested E-Tech to technically represent them must determine how to actually clean up  hundreds of square miles of oil pollution or address potentially centuries of mining contamination on their ancestral lands.   The interview visualizes strategies for new generations of indigenous people to be provided technical tools that help preserve their self-determination and their right to have informed consent or rejection the over use the use of their endangered natural resources during a time of climate change.  

Why is environmental science a tool for that strengthens but differs from activism? How can we creatively rethink how to fund over decades in a way that leaves a legacy of protection for people as well as biodiversity?  

The discussion opens a door to understanding a way to use science in the trenches to protect and clean water, soil, and air in the Amazon basin and the Andes