“The Real Avatar”


On March 30, 2012, at the Universidad Catolica in Lima, Peru, E-Tech, the Universidad Catolica Centro Cultural and Ingreso Libre presented a Spanish-language translation of “The Real Avatar.”

The film is a March 2011 episode of the Canadian program “The Nature of Things” by David Suzuki. It graphically examines two case studies in Peru reminiscent of the the movie “Avatar.”

The granting of oil and mining concessions without the prior informed consent of indigenous people led to the massacre at Bagua near the Cordillera del Condor are in Peru and deterioration of a local community in the south of the country.

E-Tech Chief Engineer Bill Powers has strongly promoted the film to be shown in Lima, helped translate a Spanish version, and plays a supporting role in it. E-Tech is working on mining in the Cordillera del Condor area to the north in Ecuador and has been assisting communities involved in Hunt Oil exploration shown in the film.