This Sexual Harassment Policy applies to all employees at all E-Tech International locations. All consultants, employees, and anybody who explicitly represents E-Tech International are subject to this policy beginning on their first day of employment with or representation of E-tech International and will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination, for violations of this policy.

Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

Any harassment by an E-tech International employee or representative directed at another, or other employees or members of the communities served by E-Tech International, during and outside of business hours is expressly prohibited. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that a person finds offensive and results in a hostile or intimidating work environment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) describes sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.” Harassment can also include offensive comments about a person’s gender.

Examples of sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to:

● Comments of a sexual nature about appearance, attire, or body parts;
● Derogatory or pejorative comments about another person’s sexual orientation or gender identity;
● Use of insulting or degrading terms with sexual or gender connotations;
● Harassment that has the effect of interfering with an employee’s ability to work, or conduc that creates a hostile work environment
● Direct physical contact of a sexual or unwanted nature
● Preferential treatment of an employee who is subjected to sexual conduct
● Use of sexual publications, websites or discussions
● Retaliation for allegations of sexual harassment
● Repeatedly soliciting a person for dates or sexual relations;
● Staring at another person in a way that implies a sexual innuendo;
● Unwanted touching of another person, including intentionally hugging, pinching, patting, groping, or brushing;
● Making inappropriate sexual gestures, such as lewd wiggles;
● Tell stories or jokes of a sexual or lewd nature;
● Send communications of sexual content in any format;
● Sharing or displaying sexually inappropriate images or videos in any format;
● Committing or attempting to commit an act of sexual assault, including rape.

1. Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedure

Any employee who has been sexually harassed can and should tell the harasser to stop immediately. If the harasser continues or if the harasser is afraid or uncomfortable speaking directly with the harasser, they should immediately report the incident to the E-Tech contact person (Laurie Silvan, laurie.silvan@gmail.com). If possible the Director or other staff should also be informed as soon as possible, however this is not always a comfortable situation. The Director and Board of Directors must be made aware of any inappropriate behavior in the workplace so that action can be taken immediately.

Complaints of sexual harassment should be sent to the contact person as soon as possible after the occurrence of the incident, who will help the complainant complete a written statement or, if the complainant or a collaborator does not wish to make a written complaint, the contact person can file a complaint on behalf of the person being harassed. Confidentiality, to the extent possible, will be preserved, but it is not always possible for the person who was allegedly being harassed to remain anonymous throughout the duration of a sexual harassment investigation.


A complaint of sexual harassment must provide at least the following information:

● The name and position of the person who complains
● The name and position of the alleged harasser.
● The date of the incident
● The location of the incident
● A detailed description of the incident
● A description of any witnesses present
● The effect of the incident on the ability of the collaborator to carry out their work
● Names and titles of other employees who may have been subjected to similar harassment
● What measures, if any, has the collaborator taken to try to stop the harassment
● Any other relevant information


Upon receipt of a complaint, the contact person will begin an investigation of the incident and speak with the harasser and any witnesses and review any other available evidence such as video footage or audio recordings, emails, etc. The complainant or collaborator who filed the complaint will not participate or find out about the discussions with other employees unless the contact person and complainant both agree that this is best.

Upon completion of the investigation, the Director will notify the person accused of harassment of the outcome of the investigation and, if they wish notification, also the complainant. Unless there are circumstances requiring more time, determined solely by the Director, the investigation will be completed within 60 days of receipt of the complaint.

2. Confidentiality

During the investigation, the contact person will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. Interviews with the harasser and witnesses may require that the complainant’s name be released, and the Director will ensure that steps are taken to ensure that the complainant is protected from retaliation during and after the investigation. Any information related to a sexual harassment complaint and investigation will be kept in secure and confidential files retained by E-Tech International.

3. Disciplinary measures

If an employee is found to have sexually harassed another employee or other employees or members of the communities served by E-Tech International, in violation of this policy:

1. The mandatory minimum discipline for one-time bullying or harassment of any kind in the workplace is a written reprimand or warning. A repeat offense can be grounds for dismissal and at a minimum probation.

2. The minimum discipline for repeated violations before the warning will be: impose physical distance of the aggressor with the person or persons affected, limit his scope of labor action either temporarily or permanently, submit him or her to a process of re-education and specialized therapeutic for a minimum of a year, as well as putting him on probation for one or two years, depending on the case. Violations of this policy after a written warning are grounds for dismissal.

3. Discipline for committing or attempting to commit an act of sexual assault, including rape will be: immediate dismissal and reporting to regulatory authorities.